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NEW-Now Offering NAS-410 MT and PT Courses
We are happy to announce that we are now offering both MT and PT online courses that meet the requirements of NAS-410, taught by one of our NAS-410 Level III Instructors. Click the link below to see the details of each course.

New Audit Prep Services being offered by NDT Training Center
Over the past year, we have seen more and more of our clients being audited for qualification/certification documentation and procedural audits. In response to this increase in audits, we are now offering an Audit Prep service to help you and your company to prepare for the possibility of an unexpected audit.

We schedule certain "high demand" courses regularly and other courses as needed. See our complete Class Schedule by [clicking here].

Courses Offered

P2210-Liquid Penetrant
Level I & II - 16-hour course
Typically offered the Monday and Tuesday of the first full week of the month.

M2110-Magnetic Particle
Level I & II - 24-hour course
Typically offered Wednesday through Friday of the first full week of the month.

U2410-Ultrasonic Testing
Level I - 40-hour course
Typically offered the second full week of the month.

U2420-Ultrasonic Testing
Level II - 40-hour course
Typically offered the third full week of the month.

Other Courses Offered


B1110-Visual Inspection
Level II - 24-hour course
Offered once a calendar quarter or as needed

R2330-RT Film Interpretation
Level II - 40-hour course
Offered once a calendar quarter or as needed

See our complete Class Schedule by [clicking here].

Preparing NDT Personnel with the Know-how and Skills Required by Industry

First and foremost, NDT Training and Testing Center has been providing the student of nondestructive testing with a focused education that integrates the best of theory and practical application. Additionally, our ASNT Professional Level III Consulting Services offer QA/QC managers the expertise and knowledge of NDT personnel who are qualified by years of experience, education, and achievement of national certification by ASNT to give "by the book" direction to any NDT program.

Multiple Educational Opportunities

NDT Classroom Training offers students the opportunity to attend one of our scheduled, high-impact courses held at our campus in Houston, Texas. In-depth lessons and sectional quizzes in the theory and application of the method, ample opportunities for hands-on experience and valuable interaction with the instructor sets up the optimal environment for preparing students to confidently enter the work place and fulfill all the formal training recommended in the ASNT document for qualification and certification of NDT personnel: SNT-TC-1A. [more...]

NDT Online Training offers students and their employers a significant benefit in savings of both time and travel expense. Web-based Training is a robust tool for anyone who needs the qualifying formal studies recommended by the ASNT document, SNT-TC-1A but is perhaps perhaps too far away to attend a class at our Houston campus, has scheduling constraints, or needs a handy way of taking a refresher course. [more...]

NDT Level III Consulting Services

A "well-oiled" NDT Program requires knowledgeable supervision. In fact, many industry standards mandate Level III oversight in both the training of NDT methods and program development and oversight. Our Level III Consulting Services are designed for companies that require the input of a Level III but prefer not to hire a full-time professional. Our services are customized to the specific requirements of your organization to make certain your NDT program operates in compliance with established standards and with optimized efficiency. [more...]

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