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General Description and Policies of Classroom Courses

Detailed course descriptions can be found in our Class Catalog. (Please note that some classes have pre-requisite work that must be completed.) As required, courses cover Level I and Level II material in the basic methods employed in NDT: Visual Testing, Liquid Penetrant, Magnetic Particle, Ultrasonics (Level I and II, advanced Ultrasonics, the math of Ultrasonics, and a Shearwave Weld Inspection lab), Radiography and Film Interpretation, and soon to come, Eddy Current. Level II and III ACCP prep classes are also offered several times a year or on an as needed basis.

Most courses include an examination assessment according to SNT-TC-1A, the ASNT document specifying recommendations for the qualification and certification of NDT personnel. Assessments typically consists of a General, Specific, and Practical Test, as well as a Vision Test, if needed. All are suitable for use in company sponsored certification programs. If you are not familiar with these assessments or how qualification/certification works in NDT, read a full explanation by clicking here: Qualification and Certification in Nondestructive Testing.

Examination assessments can be scheduled individually for those who have completed our online training courses or employers who require certification tests for newly hired technicians.

TUITION: Tuition is payable 2 Mondays in advance of start dates for each class and covers textbooks, handouts, tests and certificates. Specific course and testing fees can be found by referring to the Classroom Schedule below or by viewing course descriptions in the Course Catalog.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations made within 2 weeks of class start will be eligible for a 50% refund. Cancellations made within 1 week of class start or "no-shows" result in no refund. If we have to cancel a class, we will notify you at least 5 days in advance and provide a full refund or reschedule according to your preference.

Course Schedule

Classes begin at 8:00am and continue for 8 hours of training with an hour lunch break. If you don't find a specific class, location or time that is convenient or if you have additional questions or need more detailed information, please call or email us with your needs and we'll do our best to facilitate your requirements. 713-849-4006

Please note that schedules are tentative and may be subject to change.

To register for a class, please call 713-849-4006.

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