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Industrial Radiography (RT)

2019 Class Schedule

R2310 Radiation Safety for Industrial Radiographers.

Mandatory 40 hour Radiation Safety Class. A 40-hour course which provides formal NRC and State approved training in Radiation Safety.

The instructor is registered by the Department of State Health Services, Bureau of Radiation Control. The course was developed for the formal education of persons entering the field of Industrial Radiography. Course schedule is designed to take maximum advantage of the State determined Radiation Safety Test schedule. Paperwork and the necessary instruction to properly apply for the test is included. It is the responsibility of the student to make arrangements to attend the test.

Technique, physics and proper procedures are taught in such a manner as to build student confidence of his or her own ability to work safely and expertly in this quickly growing field.

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R2330 Industrial Radiographic Film Interpretation Course Level IIA.
This course provides formal classroom training in the art and science of radiographic film interpretation. Some previous knowledge of or experience in Industrial Radiography is required.

The techniques and proper procedures of radiographic film interpretation are taught in such a manner as to build student confidence of his or her own ability to work efficiently and expertly in this important segment of the QC/QA field. The course provides an emphasis on guided instruction in the evaluation of actual weld radiographs of types of discontinuities, non-relevant artifacts, and different set ups.

Welding Inspectors, QA/QC Auditors, Engineers, Radiographers and others wishing to improve their understanding and skill in this important segment of Construction and Maintenance Inspection will benefit.

Feb. 25 - Mar. 1, 2019 Houston, Texas $1250.00

R2320 Industrial Radiography Course Level II.
This course is designed for the technician who has field experience in Radiography as a Level I, and is seeking certification as a Level II. A minimum of 9 months field experience is suggested for students wishing to take the class.

This course addresses the Origin and Nature of Radiation, Radiation Producing Equipment, The Production of a Radiograph, and finally, Film Processing. The curriculum meets the coverage for Level II training recommended by The American Society for Nondestructive Testing for Level II studies. Lesson-by-lesson quizzes monitor progress and a qualified ASNT ACCP Level III administers Level II general and specific tests.

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