Visual Inspection Courses
Visual Inspection Courses

B1100 Series Introductory and Advanced Courses

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Clarifying the Difference between Qualification and Certification in Nondestructive Testing.

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Visual Inspection (VT)

2019 Class Schedule

B1110 Visual Inspection Course Level I and II.
This course provides accurate, current and thorough training that leads directly to the ability of the student to perform accurate Visual Inspection. Level I and II material is combined and presented in a single, 24-hour classroom course. Major subjects are covered from the perspective of an entry level student:

• Basic steel making and metal forming processes including how discontinuities are developed within each of the metal forming methods.
• Primary and secondary forming and joining processes are explained, with highlight information regarding type, location and formation tendencies of discontinuities.
• In-service discontinuities are explored in relation to stress and corrosion in its various forms.
• Tools for the visual inspector are explained and pictured.
• Major forms of nondestructive testing are defined and discussed.

Familiarization with and proper usage of instruments and hands-on exercises are emphasized. Lecture notes, text book and necessary testing materials are provided.

This curriculum meets or exceeds the content recommended by The American Society for Nondestructive Testing for Level I and II studies. Lesson-by-lesson quizzes monitor progress and all three evaluation examinations (General, Specific and Practical) are administered by a qualified ASNT ACCP Level III. The course also includes a Visual Acuity Test if needed by the student. [click here to download a PDF course description and outline]


January 28-30, 2019 Houston, Texas $950.00
April 22-24, 2019 Houston, Texas $950.00
July 29-31, 2019 Houston, Texas $950.00
October 28-30, 2019 Houston, Texas $950.00



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