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Clarifying the Difference between Qualification and Certification in Nondestructive Testing.

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Qualifications for

NDT 3rd Party Inspector/ Quality Manager Certificate

Training Hours
Level II - Basic
Level II - Specialist - Training
Refer to Chart Below
Liquid Penetrant 16 hrs
Magnetic Particle 24 hrs
Ultrasonic Wall Thickness 24 hrs
Ultrasonic Straight Beam 40 hrs
Ultrasonic Shear Wave 40 hrs
Visual Inspection 24 hours
Level II Master Call for requirements
Observation/ManagementTime in Method (Experience)
Level II - Basic
Level II Specialist Experience
6 months - one year depending on method
NDT Level II Master
Call for requirements
Third Party Inspection - Quality Assurance - Quality Control - Quality Management NDTThird Party Inspection - Quality Assurance NDT - Quality Control NDT - Quality ManagementThird Party Inspection NDT - Quality Control NDT - Quality Assurance NDT - Quality Management NDTThird Party Inspection NDT - Quality Control NDT - Qualityy Assurance NDT - Quality Management NDT

iSuccessAcademy - Third Party Inspection Courses - Quality Assurance Courses - Quality Management Courses

Third Party Inspectors, Quality Control Managers, Quality Assurance Managers and Quality management personnel in general are asked to observe, verify and evaluate the performance and test findings of non-destructive testing technicians on a regular basis.

This is an extremely important area of verification in many industries. The safety and well-being of workers and the general public are reliant on the accurate verification of these job tasks. But, up to now, Third Party Inspectors and Quality Control - Quality Assurance personnel have been somewhat "in the dark" about the correct application of the various NDT Methods used on most job sites.

Unfortunately, in some cases, NDT Technicians have been trained incorrectly or over time have slipped into bad habits that will hinder their ability to conduct NDT tests accurately and completely. In worst case scenarios, the NDT technician might be cutting corners or "trying to pull the wool over the eyes" of the third party verifiers or management personnel. In either case, the potential for injury or death rise dramatically for the end users of the products that were incorrectly inspected.

Questions to Consider:

1) Have the NDT Personnel been qualified and certified properly?

2) Are the NDT Technicians actually applying the various methods correctly? How can I know?

3) As a Third Party Inspector or Quality Control/Quality Assurance Professional, am I sure that I fully understand the correct application of each method of non-destructive testing?

In reality, we have encountered many third party verifiers and Quality Control/Quality Assurance personnel who have been watching NDT tests being conducted incorrectly for several years. Their signatures are on verification reports. It's not their fault. They were simply trained incorrectly or have been operating at the mercy of technicians who are trained incorrectly or trying to "get away" with shortcuts.

How Can I Solve This Problem?

We are now offering the iSuccessAcademy NDT Third Party Inspection - QA/QC Manager Training and Certification Program will help you to gain the knowledge that you need to ensure that NDT Tests are being conducted correctly.

In this course, you will learn:

Responsibilities of an Inspector

Inspection Ethics

Certification Requirements for Each NDT Method

Auditing Certification Records

Reading and Interpretation of Standards and Procedures

Reporting Best Practices and Requirements

The Correct and Incorrect Application of PT - Liquid Penetrant Testing

The Correct and Incorrect Application of MT - Magnetic Particle Testing

The Correct and Incorrect Application of VT - Visual Inspection

The Correct and Incorrect Application of UT - Ultrasonic Testing (for Wall Thickness, Straight Beam and Shear Wave Applications)

Hands-On exercises are demonstrated by our instructors and students are allowed to conduct tests on their own to learn the methods as applicable.

Students are tested by observing tests for each method according to appropriate procedures and must be able to verify the correct or incorrect application of the methods by generating an audit report for each.

Students must score 80% or better on the Final Exam in order to earn the iSuccessAcademy Level II NDT Third Party Inspector/ Quality Manager Certificate - Basic

Level II Certificate

The iSuccessAcademy Level II NDT Verification Certificate - Basic credential is issued on the basis of passing the Final Exam for the course. iSuccessAcademy, LLC administers this certificate as a third party organization and can offer verification of training and skills to employers, clients, etc. This certificate program is in alignment with ANSI/ASTM Standards.

SPECIAL NOTE: This certificate does not qualify you to perform NDT Inspection requiring ASNT, NAS-410, ISO, or other certifications. This certificate only verifies your ability to observe and accurately report findings related to NDT inspection work performed by a qualified and certified NDT technician.

This course requires no prior training or experience by the student in these methods of NDT. The material is presented in a manner that promotes understanding and the ability to make immediate application. This is an excellent course for Third Party Inspectors, Quality Assurance Managers, Quality Control Managers and facility personnel who are responsible for or oversee the application of testing or Quality Control/Quality Assurance.

Additional Training

Once students earn their Level II - Basic Certificate, additional training is available in order to earn SPECIALIST CERTIFICATES in each method, eventually leading to Level II Master Certificates. Call to ask about additional training. Please ask for Teddy.





Q2610 - iSuccessAcademy NDT Third Party Inspector/ Quality Manager - Level II - Basic
Practical Qualification Examination included; 40-hours (5 days)


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